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Custom House Portrait, Fan Art, Housewarming Gift, First Home Gift,
Home Illustration, Watercolor Home Portrait, Realtor Closing Gift, Home Art

11x6 watercolor painting


A wonderful timeless keepsake that will last for decades. A photo of your home or structure will be painted with Daniel Smith fine art watercolors made from gems and minerals. It's a beautiful piece that will be perfect as home decor.


A photo of a building or scene from your favorite movie, tv show, or media can also be created!


Personalize this art with a favorite quote or phrase, Names & Addresses or

anything else that comes to mind.


This gift is perfect for new homeowners, housewarmings, weddings, holidays, realtor closing gift, newlyweds, first anniversary, or even as a gift for your own home.


Here’s how to order and custom your watercolor illustration:
1. Please send me a photo of the building or structure at the angle you'd like the painting
2. For custom notes:
Leave me the quote, phrase or any other wordings that you'd like to have on this art.
Let me know your preferred font style (it is done by hand and will have hand crafted character)

Let me know any areas of parts of the image you'd like to be featured


Important info about what you will receive:
I will send one draft of the initial sketch for your approval. Once that is approved, it will get painted and there are no edits that can be made at that point.

Note that colors may be adjusted slightly by the artist and 100% not precise to the image.

There will be a hand drawn character to the painting. I am an artist and not an architect, as cool as that would be.

custom house watercolor commission

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